Your Lasting Legacy

I recently received a thoughtful comment from someone who read one of my blogs.  Thank you, Carla A. 

It’s truly a blessing and encouragement to reach out to others and prayerfully be of help to them.  As I said in the blog, no one is immune to the pain, sorrows and troubles we all have in common while on this earth.  Let’s face it, most of us are far more blessed than many others. 

I can say for sure that I am probably very spoiled because of all the wonderful things my Savior has given to me.  We must keep in mind that the very brief time we have in this life is not measured by what earthly treasures we can accumulate while we are here.  There certainly is nothing wrong with material gain as long as those “things” don’t become idols to you. 

But the “things” you amass will all devalue and disappear one day.  The ONLY lasting legacy you can leave behind is the love and concern you have for others.  Wealth indeed is fleeting!  

Your life given in service to Christ our Lord,  and in turn to others, will be what others will cherish far longer than any material procession you may leave them.  In a very real sense, the love, values and Godly character you may help instill in others will reach far more people for many more generations than your material wealth.  The values you teach your family and all those you have placed in your path while in this life could absolutely change lives far into the future.