The Preacher and the Preacher’s Wife

Hello folks, 

Over the four decades or so that I have been preaching and pastoring, I’ve noticed something that seems a little amusing at times:  some people think that because I am a preacher and pastor, and Marsha is a preachers wife that we never experience a lot of the problems everyone else has to deal with. 

Oh how I wish that was true! 

But rest assured that Marsha and I have had most every situation and problem that all others face from time to time.  Like struggling to pay our bills and put food on the table for our three bottomless pits [sons] when they were home with us.  Like dealing with sickness with ourselves, our loved ones and friends.  And of course, just as everyone else eventually has to face, saying goodbye on this earth to a friend or family member. 

The ONLY thing that makes this “real” life situation better is knowing that we truly have put our faith and trust in Jesus Christ for His blessed forgiveness and amazing grace, knowing that we live every day as best as we could to keep His commandments and live righteously. 

Just as Paul said, if we didn’t have this hope in us we would, of all men, be most miserable.  He also said that he would not have us sorrow as others do who do not have this hope of eternal life before them.  He knew that we would still have grief and sorrow because of the temporary separation between us and the ones we love, but that the pain would be GREATLY lessoned by our faith in Christ. 

This hope was not given to us to deceive us into thinking that an individual who calls him/herself Christian but lives in open rebellion against Christ’s teaching can somehow still go to be with Him.  Folks, that kind of “false” hope only serves to lead others down the same road to destruction.  It has been a great tool of deception used by Satan to lead many into perdition. 

BUT for those who sincerely love Christ, and show and prove it by doing their best to keep His commandments, then, just like He said we would IF we truly love Him, we can, no matter the circumstances, have a blessed life with the peace of God in our hearts to guide, lead and comfort us through whatever trials may come our way.

I hope this blog will encourage you on your way through this very short time span we have here in this world.
                                        See you next time,
                                               Pastor Butch p.p.p.