Baptist Pastor Defends Killing Babies in Abortions: “Jesus Did Not Say Judge Your Neighbor”
Lauren Jones Mayfield, a pastor and abortion activist in Kentucky, condemned the new Texas heartbeat law while lifting up her own pro-abortion counseling work as truly “loving” and Christ-like.

Ohio Medical Board: Dr. Tenpenny Is Mentally Ill and Must Undergo Psychiatric Evaluation
Dr. Sherri Tenpenny announced on her September 16th Instagram podcast that the State Medical Board of Ohio has decided she is mentally ill and mentally incompetent and not fit to see patients or speak publicly. The Board told her she must undergo a psychiatric evaluation. Didn’t this sort of thing happen in the Soviet Union? The Board cited her opposition to the covid shots, her assertion they contain graphene oxide which may be triggered by 5G, and the possible magnetic charges of the shots as reasons for their decision. Tenpenny, one of the most outspoken doctors warning about the shots, has hired Tom Renz as her attorney. He told her to review the summons line by line and back up her assertions with conventional medicine resources. She did this with tabs and cross references and delivered the response to Renz on September 6th. Tenpenny has co-founded the, a fund making organization, and has assigned a $20,000 grant to take on the Federation of State Medical Boards which has been targeting doctors for prescribing alternative treatments to covid.

Congress and all judges EXEMPT from mandatory Covid vaccination Executive Order because they know the clot shots are deadly
Resident Biden has signed an Executive Order that requires all federal executive branch workers to be vaccinated, except the House, Senate, himself, and all judges. The elitists enforcing everything Covid keep saying they can’t make anyone take the jabs, but you’re fired from your government job if you don’t, and they’re not taking them because they cause massive heart strain (myocarditis) and blood clotting in your blood vessels and organs. Only stupid peons get the clot shots, not people who are trying to rob the country for all its worth, destroy all medical choice, and dismantle the constitution. The elite exempt themselves from the deadly, dirty Covid clot shots (they take saline jabs for show).

INGREDIENTS TO VACCINES ‐ You CANNOT make an educated decision without being educated.

Gov. Jim Justice Of WV Spills The Beans On The Vax!!

Moderna Truck Wreck Full Of Vaccines//Hazmat And DOD Called!! WHY??!!

Greedy Pharma Head Exposed. FANTASTIC!

Stroke has a new indicator. They say if you email this to ten people, you stand a chance of saving one life. Will you Please send this along.

Top federal vaccination officials resigning over political pressure
A few days ago, I noticed a headline over at The Hill that seemed rather disturbing. It dealt with the FDA seeing “growing pressure to authorize vaccines for children under twelve.” There were similar urgings making the rounds in terms of when booster shots should be given. I immediately wondered where this “pressure” was coming from and who was applying it if it wasn’t originating with the scientists conducting the clinical trials on younger patients. Was it political pressure?

Today Texans Celebrate the Freedom of Constitutional Carry
9-1-21 Thanks to the tireless efforts of Gun Owners of America (GOA) members and activists in the Lone Star State, Texans will be able to bear arms -- free of government permission. Today is a historic day for Texas, as it joins the twenty other states who recognize Constitutional Carry.

Kim Jarvis: 57-year-old West Virginia woman declares “I’m vaccinated but don’t know what’s in it,” dead less than 24 hours later
Mrs. Kim Jarvis declared on August 29, “I am vaccinated.” She did not clarify which injections she received, nor did she specify when she received the injections. A search through her Facebook posts from May 1 to August 29 revealed no further information. It frankly doesn’t matter which injection she received as all of them are equally lethal. But it’s the rest of her lengthy post that day that makes this story so bizarre.

Covid vaccines could killed more people than the atomic bombing of Hiroshima
When the US government dropped an atomic bomb on a mostly civilian populaton of women and children in World War II, it proved that the United States government is willing to commit mass killings of targeted ethnic groups to achieve its strategic goals.



Watch: Angry Mom Goes Off on School Board Over Anal Sex Passage From Junior High Library Book, Mic Gets Cut Off
A Texas mother stood before her school board on Wednesday to complain about the descriptions of anal sex appearing in middle school library books – leading officials to cut off her microphone.

Washington State government stealth edits job posting to remove “strike team” from covid quarantine camp ad
The government of Washington State has stealth edited a public jobs listing that called for hiring “strike team consultants” for an isolation and quarantine facility located in Centralia, WA (see link below). After news about the job listing went viral, the job listing was altered to remove the term “strike team” from the job title as well as the “duties” section of the job description.

New CO2 monitoring credit card enables tracking of ‘carbon footprint on every purchase’ – ‘Monitors & cuts off spending when we hit our carbon max’ – Mastercard & UN join forces
Get ready for a Chinese-style social credit system scoring when it comes to your personal spending habits and how they impact “climate change.” A new credit card called Doconomy, has launched that is “working in tight collaboration with Mastercard” and an alliance with the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) is now available so you can monitor your personal CO2 budget on every purchase you make.

Exposed!! Fauci And Friends Are Guilty Of Murder!!
A thousand doctors suing the WHO! Look what this doctor found on Fauci! BOOM

The Conspiracy Theorists Were Right; It IS a "Poison-Death Shot"
“I’ll do one more mind experiment with you: If everyone on the planet were to get Covid and not get treated, the death-rate globally would be less than half a percent. I’m not advocating for that, because 35 million people would die. However, if we follow the advice of some of the global leaders– like Bill Gates who said last year said “7 billion people need to be vaccinated”– then the death-rate will be over 2 billion people! SO, WAKE UP! THIS IS WORLD WAR 3! We are seeing a level of malevolence that we haven’t seen in the history of humanity!” Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, Author of The Zelenko “Early Treatment” Protocol that saved thousands of Covid-19 patients. (“Zelenko schools the Rabbinic Court”, Rumble; start at 11:45 minutes)

This Is Massive! A Member of The FDA Vax Panel Today Said... "We Are Killing More People Than We Are Saving With The Shots"
THIS IS MASSIVE !!! Please Share!!! A Member of The FDA Vax Panel Today Said… “We Are Killing More People Than We Are Saving With The Shots”

Unexpected, heartbreaking: 39K people flood ABC affiliate’s Facebook page with vaccination horror stories over weekend
In his Presidential address on September 9th, Joe Biden told America that those unvaccinated were dying in hospitals and regretting not getting the vaccine, ‘with their last breath’.

The Conspiracy Theorists Were Right; It IS a "Poison-Death Shot"
I’ll do one more mind experiment with you: If everyone on the planet were to get Covid and not get treated, the death-rate globally would be less than half a percent. I’m not advocating for that, because 35 million people would die. However, if we follow the advice of some of the global leaders– like Bill Gates who said last year said “7 billion people need to be vaccinated”– then the death-rate will be over 2 billion people! SO, WAKE UP! THIS IS WORLD WAR 3! We are seeing a level of malevolence that we haven’t seen in the history of humanity!” Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, Author of The Zelenko “Early Treatment” Protocol that saved thousands of Covid-19 patients. (“Zelenko schools the Rabbinic Court”, Rumble; start at 11:45 minutes)

PSA Testing for Men

This is a HHS employee who recorded actual cases of vaccine side effects at her hospitals.

Churches Paid To Support Vaccine

MUST WATCH!!! Funeral Director John O'Looney Blows the Whistle on Covid | The Crowhouse
Milton Keynes Family Funeral Services John O'Looney's direct email:

COVID Agenda and Mark of the Beast Technology
COVID is making its impact around the world. There is a battle being waged for forced vaccinations, vaccination verifications and vaccination passports. You may have heard the interview we conducted with Dr. Vladimir Zelenko who has provided a warning regarding this matter. Though many medical doctors have attested to the effectiveness of Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, these inexpensive drugs have come under great attack from political leaders, from government agencies, from the media and from the controllers of social media. Is there good reason to believe there’s an agenda behind all this?

Since COVID burst onto the scene like a Vegas showgirl, the media cannot stop talking about it and whipping the nation into a frenzy. The news is constantly updating the COVID cases and makes sure to bring the most horrifying COVID stories of all to terrify people into hiding inside. If anyone knows a thing about immune systems you have to exercise them and gain exposure to illnesses in order to combat them. If you only stay inside, wash your hands all the time and steer away from others, your immune system does go down and becomes weak.

Mayor calls for Ohio school board to resign over material suggesting kids write about sex, drinking
HUDSON, Ohio — An Ohio mayor is asking all five school board members of his town to resign or face possible criminal charges over high school course material that he said a judge called “child pornography.”

Approximately 70 people die from COVID vaccines every day in America – VAERS data
The Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) is exploding with vaccine injuries, at a rate never seen before. The number of injuries and deaths from these vaccines is so immense, all prior vaccine injury data over the past two decades pales in comparison to the carnage observed in 2021.

The Covid Empire Strikes Back; Rebel Patriots Dig In
With half of the American states not even registering a 50% rate of Covid inoculations, Darth Vader (Joe Biden) is mounting a massive strike against the recalcitrant rebel patriots. He has (illegally) mandated that all companies with 100+ employees require those employees to receive the Covid gene therapy shot—or take the Covid test weekly (this option will disappear shortly)—or the company will be forced to fire them due to punitive fines from the government. Of course, most companies will choose to release anyone not getting the jab from the start, as the cost of the weekly tests will themselves be exorbitant.

Colorado governor weds longtime partner in first same-sex marriage for a sitting governor
Colorado Gov. Jared Polis and his partner of 18 years, Marlon Reis, were married on Wednesday, according to a statement from the governor's office.

The narrative is crumbling. Something bad and big is going on. It's time to say HELL no!!

Leaked Hospital Zoom
Some say perception is reality. True, if your religion is Humanism, because you're god (little "g"). Satan's promise was "... and ye shall be as gods..." Time for a rude awakening!

Vaccines for Adolescents
Rumble — Vaccines for Adolescents - Give Wellness Forum Health a call at 614-841-7700. Check out

CDC admits that “fully vaccinated” Americans are super-spreaders carrying deadly variants and high viral loads
It is official: The biggest public health threat right now are “fully vaccinated” people, whom the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) now warns are super-spreaders polluting society with Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “variants.”

Our First Hand ICU Story - What is ACTUALLY Killing People In The Hospital
My husband WALKED out of the ICU in just 3 1/2 days. Fastest ICU patient in history of Cov. What we did. What to tell others. It's not "blovid"- the protocol is what is killing people in the ICU. Here is what to do and how to do it. What to demand. What treatment. Please Share This! More at in show notes on entire story. My husband had 4 major "risk" categories- so by their "blovid" standards, should be dead. We changed THEIR protocol and saved his life. This is how we did it. ( I look puffy and terrible here on vid because I was brought to tears on the air on my syndicated radio show.)

Ivermectin: Scare Tactics Unfounded
Ivermectin is proving to be a formidable alternative treatment for COVID-19. No wonder the FDA, the CDC, Dr. Anthony Fauci and the Biden administration continue to push false information about the drug.

VAXSSASSINATION: How globalists convinced BILLIONS of people to exterminate themselves with biological weapons presented as “vaccines”
It’s all now incredibly clear. Everything we’ve been watching over the last 20 months has been a globalist-led effort to convince billions of people to exterminate themselves without them knowing it.

Gov. of WV, Jim Justice tells truth about vaccination!!

Scientists Tivon & Hope return to SGT Report to share some frightening data about graphene and the globalist plan to put it in everything. How else did you think they were going to accomplish their track and trace plan for the internet of everything? You didn't think that plan excluded YOU, did ya? This is a NWO horror show unfolding in real-time.

Nurse Whistleblowers Speak Out About Covid-19 Vaccines & ER Status Inside Hospitals Deceptive LIES
Nurse Whistleblowers Speak Out About Covid-19 Vaccines & ER Status Inside Hospitals Deceptive LIES

Public Health in UK Reports 80% of COVID Deaths in August were Vaccinated – 70% Higher Hospitalization Rate Also Among Vaccinated
Further evidence proving the Covid-19 vaccination programme is a huge failure has been released which confirms throughout the whole of August 80% of the people who allegedly died of Covid-19 had been vaccinated against the disease.

Evangelical Lutheran church installs 1st transgender bishop
“My call is ... to be up to the same messy, loving things I was up to before,” Rohrer told worshippers. “But mostly, if you’ll let me, and I think you will, my hope is to love you and beyond that, to love what you love.”

White House won’t rule out vaccine requirement for domestic travel
Biden administration officials declined to be drawn Friday about whether Americans will soon need to present proof of COVID-19 vaccination to travel domestically — but did not rule such a requirement out.

A ten year old newspaper.

Dr Madej is a real light bearer.. A Truth Teller. Her courage should inspire even the most fearful.. She is A breath of fresh air in this day of so much propaganda and lies. She is well versed on the Good and Bad Science. But is also very spiritual in her solutions. I encourage you to watch this with a Family Member or friend and pass on to as many as possible.


Ivermectin in Africa Blocks Covid
I suppose Fauci will say Ivermectin only works for blacks.

The Mark of the Beast Has Arrived
Greg Reese reports on Corey Digs’ extensive research into how the QR Code will be used to mark every human being on Earth.

Australia Could Force Citizens to Report Their Location on Demand Via Government Tracking App
The government of South Australia is running a trial for a system that could eventually force citizens to take a photo of themselves via a government app to report their location on demand within 15 minutes of authorities requesting it or face a police investigation.

Published science paper reveals exactly how ivermectin blocks viral replication of SARS-CoV-2
The mainstream media and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) want you to believe that ivermectin is nothing more than “horse paste” that has no legitimate use in humans. The truth, however, is that ivermectin shows incredible promise in fighting viruses.

FABULOUS interview with Dr. Carrie Madej taking us through a Power-Point presentation on nano-technology in the CV19 vaccines and the transhumanist agenda. HIGHLY relevant to understanding the agenda behind the fake pandemic and the subsequent drive to inject something into every human being. Recorded April 29, 2021. Hosted by Alex Newman of The New American:

“Your Papers Please” Is Only the Beginning
By Kelleigh Nelson I’m well aware of the global crimes against humanity being perpetrated against a large proportion of the world’s population…. I have absolutely no doubt that we are in the presence of evil…and dangerous products [the gene-based vaccines]. —Dr. Michael Yeadon, Pfizer’s former Vice President and Chief Science Officer

RUMBLE LINK for those unable to properly view this video on BitChute: Maybe you got the PLACEBO? Maybe.....but how do you know? One in Three get the Saline injection. Maybe you're the lucky one. MAYBE? The Canadian and American Blood Banks will not permit the Vaccinated to Donate Blood. If you think I"m Lying .... Give it a try .... then you'll know the Deadly Mistake you have made. They may tell you that "you have to wait 2 weeks" or ban you outright. GEEeezzz... Wonder why that is? Go and get some ...let us know what happens. They were all warned and still lined up like Sheep. This FALL, 2021, will be unlike any other FALL season. The world's top doctors and scientists are telling you that your vaccinated family members will begin dropping like flies this FALL and over the winter months. So prepare yourself. NOTHING CAN STOP WHAT'S COMING

Texas Law That Bans Abortion Before Many Women Know They're Pregnant Takes Effect
Legislation banning abortions after about six weeks is now the law of the land in Texas, effectively ending Roe v. Wade protections in the state.

Censorship in the Healthcare Field
Censorship in the Healthcare Field - Give Wellness Forum Health a call at 614-841-7700.

The Resistance is Paying Off!
The Resistance is Paying Off! Give Wellness Forum Health a call at 614-841-7700.

2019-09-03 Stew Peters Show

Hospitals and health clinics are where the rubber hits the road in the implementation of Globalist Big Pharma genocide, thus one of the major fronts of World War III is being fought by employees of the healthcare system.


Top FDA vaccine officials RESIGN to avoid prosecution for crimes against humanity as White House, CDC commit GENOCIDE
It’s fascinating that two senior FDA officials who have overseen decades of mass vaccinations have now finally reached the end of their tolerance for crimes against humanity. They resigned earlier this week, citing the astonishing fact that the White House, CDC and UN have conspired to lock the FDA out of vaccine approval decisions, bypassing FDA regulatory authority and pushing vaccines for political reasons that have no scientific basis. (FDA director Woodcock is on board with the crimes, of course, which is why she’s fraudulently issuing personal letters to “approve” vaccines, bypassing the rest of the FDA’s regulatory process.)

100+ Ontario Youth Sent to Hospital for Vaccine-Related Heart Problems, Report Shows
A report released last week by Public Health Ontario (PHO) showed the incidence of heart inflammation following mRNA vaccination was significantly more prevalent in young people.

Satanic Temple argues abortion is religious right, challenging Texas law
The controversial Texas heartbeat bill, which bans most abortions in the state after six weeks' gestation, is now under attack from the Massachusetts-based group The Satanic Temple, which argues that the law infringes on the group’s religious freedom by imposing an “undue burden” on its "satanic abortion ritual."

Doctor Tested Vaxxed Patients For Blood Clots - The Vaxxed Are Going to Die - It Isn't Conspiracy (video 8 m)
Doctor has been testing all vaxxed patients for microscopic blood clots. The vaxxed are actually going to die guy. It isn't conspiracy

TX Methodist Health Services Grants Exemptions After Demand Letter -- Fight back and Win!!
DALLAS, TX – Within five hours of Liberty Counsel’s demand letter to Methodist Health System (MHS) on behalf of four employees regarding its unlawful denials of religious exemptions for the COVID shot mandates, three of the employees were granted immediate exemptions. The fourth exemption is expected soon.

Biden Violates Federal Law with Shot Mandate
WASHINGTON, D.C. – Joe Biden announced a “plan” attempting to illegally force COVID shots on more Americans, including federal employees, all private employers with 100 or more employees, health care workers, educators and even children.

Proof that COVID-19 Statistics are Being Padded With Influenza Cases
Below are a series of three short videos of an interview by software engineer and statistician John Cullen of Dr. (and State Senator) Scott Jensen. While Cullen calls Dr. Jensen a hero, and he is, Cullen is every bit worthy of that accolade. I cannot do justice with the treasure of information coming from these two patriots, and so I will set forth below my simple explanation of the World Health Organization (WHO) influenza data discussed by Cullen. The charts reveal that the COVID-19 statistics are being padded by falsely reporting influenza cases as COVID-19 cases.

Vaxxed II: In 2016, a media firestorm erupted when Tribeca Film Festival abruptly censored its documentary selection, VAXXED: From Coverup to Catastrophe, amid pressure from pro-pharmaceutical interests.

Pfizer actually was not approved by the FDA, but rather has continued to authorize their drug for emergency use under the EUA.

Pfizer CEO Says There Will be 3 Booster Shots per Year and That Toddlers will be Included
Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla says a vaccine-resistant variant likely will emerge, and his company will be able to produce a vaccine to combat a new ‘variant of concern’ within 95 days after it appears. (He says nothing about knowing if it will be safe and effective, only that they will produce one.) Booster shots now are being recommended for a total of three so far this year. Pfizer released one billion doses of its Covid gene-therapy “vaccine” in the first half of 2021, and Bourla says his company will produce another two-billion doses by the end of the year. (If the profit is $45 per vial, and if four-billion shots are administered four times per year, that would be $720-billion profit per year just for this one company.) Bourla says the company is currently performing a study with vaccines on children ages 5 to 11. He added that “a little bit later we are going to do for kids below five years old.” -GEG

45,000 Dead Americans in 72 Hours
Hawaii Attorney Michael Green Files Class Action Lawsuit Says Vaccine Has Killed 45,000 People. Michael Green has filed a class action lawsuit initially representing 1,200 first responders against the Governor’s vaccine mandates with thousands more expected to join.

New Orleanians who fled their homes ahead of Hurricane Ida’s terrifying wrath and later tried to return to salvage keepsakes and mementoes met unwelcome visitors along the treacherous stretch of road, highway 610, just south of Lake Pontchartrain.

US left behind weapons, piles of American dollars in Afghanistan: Lawmaker Ronny Jackson
The United States troops left behind a cache ofweapons and piles of American dollars in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, said US lawmaker Ronnyjackson. He also tweeted a video showing a Taliban fighter "showing off" weapons and billions of dollars allegedly left by the US.

How convenient. And because they can kill you and pack you, if the hospital has an incinerator they can just slide you in and torch your ass. Dead or alive? Whats the difference to these monsters? Or they can liquifiy you like Soylent Green and flush you into the sewer system and send you home so the grand kids can have you over or in reality just have you for dinner! Genius!

Pfizer Is Now Developing A Twice-Per-Day COVID Pill That Must Be Taken Alongside Vaccines
Pharmaceutical megacorporation pfizer is now developing a COVID pill that is meant to be taken alongside the COVID vaccines that have already made the company a staggering amount of money. The new pill is expected to be released by the end of the year and will be required to be taken twice per day.

COVID Shots Are Killing and Crippling Teens in Record Numbers – Young Children Are Next
COVID-19 “vaccines” are killing and destroying the lives of many teens. This is the true “pandemic” facing our society now, as we are seeing a record number of injuries and deaths in people so young, and previously healthy, after taking one of the COVID-19 shots.

Red Cross issues warning to stop blood plasma donations from vaccinated people
If you took a Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine,” the American Red Cross will not accept blood plasma donations from you due to the inherent toxicity issues caused by the injection.

CDC and FDA Admit Their Policies are Based on a “Contrived” Model, not a Virus
The CDC may withdraw its request to the FDA for the Emergency Use Authorization of PCR tests to be replaced by a PCR test with a better marker. The CDC/FDA admitted there was a problem with the PCR test, which has been used to detect COVID, starting in February of 2020—right up to the present. The CDC also referenced documents that confirmed it did not have a specimen of the SARS-CoV-2 virus when it concocted the PCR test and that it “contrived” samples of the virus. Therefore, it has no proof that a SARS-CoV-2 virus exists! The FDA document said that it granted emergency approval to 59 different PCR tests since the beginning of the pandemic and it was not feasible to compare them to a reliable standard. -GEG The CDC has issued a document that bulges with devastating admissions.

Mary Tyler Moore, Swine Flu Shot

The Truth About The 1918 ‘Viral Influenza’ Pandemic
It Started with the Rockefeller Institute’s Crude Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination Experiment on US Troops. The 1918-19 bacterial vaccine experiment may have killed 50-100 million people.

FDA Does a Bait and Switch with COVID Shots
The first letter is regarding FDA’s biologics license application approval for the Pfizer Inc/BioNTech COVID-19 injection which has been named Comirnaty. Yet Pfizer has not started manufacturing or labeling this drug for U.S. distribution, so it is not even available in the U.S. It is unclear whether or not it is protected by a liability shield, but web-based U.S. government communication indicates that the same program that provides compensation for COVID vaccine-related injuries will apply Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program (CICP) rather than the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program). At this point, there apparently has been no compensation paid to people injured by one of the COVID shots via the CICP.

New Israeli Study Finds Fully Vaccinated People are at “Greater Risk of Hospitalization”
A new study out of Israel has seemingly confirmed that individuals who have natural immunity have better protection against the NEW DELTA VARIANT than people who are fully vaccinated.

YOU ARE BEING SCAMMED: Lab admits there is no test for COVID variants….

Biden, Fauci Discuss Requiring COVID Booster Shots Every 5 Months
President Biden on Friday said he and Dr. Anthony Fauci discussed requiring COVID-19 booster shots every five months rather than every eight as previously anticipated.

3,000-Plus Pediatricians, Medical Professionals Sue Biden Admin Over Transgender Mandate
Pediatricians and other health care workers are suing the Biden administration over a mandate tied to health care which would, according to the suit, require medical professionals to provide gender-related services and surgeries despite objections, medical or otherwise.

In 2014, Venezuela Mandated Fingerprints To Purchase Food And Supplies: Welcome To 2021 America - Mysterious Deep State Sourced Website Forecast America As A Totally Depopulated Third World Nation By 2025
With more and more US store shelves looking uncomfortably empty as Susan Duclos had pointed out within this August 24th ANP story, and more and more on the left calling for some sort of mandatory vaxxes and 'vaccine passports', we have to take a look back just a few years to get a better picture of where America is being herded in the days, weeks and months ahead.

SW Ohio school board meeting. I told them what the jabs were going to do to them. It was if I had said nothing. Masks were reinstituted for all people inside all buildings on this night as well. Tyrants. Mass non-participation, permanently, is the only way.

Streetlights Are NOW Identifying the Jabbed ~They GLOW When They Walk By Them. FOR REAL!!

Madness in Australia
Institutionalized Medical ExperimentationNuremberg Code "The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential. This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent; should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, WITHOUT THE INTERVENTION OF ANY ELEMENT OF FORCE, FRAUD, DECEIT, DURESS, OVERREACHING OR OTHER FORM OF CONSTRAINT OR COERCION...”

Biden regime discusses setting up highway checkpoints to mandate vaccines for interstate travel across the United States
Fake “president” Joe Biden wants only people who have been “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) with one of Donald “father of the vaccine” Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” injections to be allowed to travel across state lines in the United States.


An investigation into the "Isolation" of the SARS-COV2 "virus". This video was deleted by YouTube less than 1 hour after the upload.

Massive fraud in reporting vaccine injuries; withheld data, pretense of “safe and effective”
ONE: A bombshell. Alex Berenson, former New York Times reporter, August 6: “Covid vaccine maker Moderna received 300,000 reports of side effects after vaccinations over a three-month period following the launch of its shot, according to an internal report from a company that helps Moderna manage the reports.”

Here's PROOF That The Masks Do NOT Work!!
Do Masks Work? Viral immunologist Dr. Byram Bridle performs a simple experiment to see.

It's not just in Australia. Orchestrated food shortages are now a global UN initiative, under the thin guise of "sustainable development," as per 'Agenda 2050' and 'The Great Reset.' These are the same people spearheading the relentless effort to coerce and threaten the global population into accepting the covid needle.

Current CDC numbers as of 8-14 report 12,791 DEAD with 77,490 SERIOUSLY INJURED post COVID injection
Data released Aug. 13 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) showed that between Dec. 14, 2020 and Aug. 6, 2021, a total of 571,831 total adverse events were reported to VAERS, including 12,791 deaths — an increase of 425 over the previous week. There were 77,490 reports of serious injuries, including deaths, during the same time period — up 7,385 compared with the previous week.

“Over 90% Of Our Patients Are Vaccinated” Says Israel Doctor, Delta Is A Guess & 3rd Vax Not Working

Three Quarters of New Covid Cases Are in Vaccinated People—CDC study
Once more, dear reader, I put on my hazmat suit and enter the fake world where SARS-Cov2 exists, the Delta Variant exists, the test is meaningful, the case numbers are real, and the vaccine makes sense. These are all lies, as I’ve been proving for the past year, but even within the fake world of those lies, the experts can’t keep their stories straight; they contradict themselves, they expose their own fabrications, and they try to cover up those exposures with new pathetic fabrications. Here we go:

A concerned citizen contacted the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta, GA yesterday and spoke to multiple employees. When asked if the CDC was mandating its employees to inject themselves with the experimental gene therapy called a ‘vaccine’ for the CCP virus, they pushed back, got defensive, and finally said no, they are not mandating CDC employees receive the ‘vaccine’ for Covid-19, which has not even been tested on animals and is still experimental, under an emergency use authorization only.

Tyson Foods CEO Says Costs Rising Faster Than It Can Hike Prices
Tyson's CEO Donnie King said higher costs are hitting the firm faster than the company can lift prices, and retail prices are set to rise on Sept. 5.

‘I QUIT’: Christian Teacher Praised After Resigning at School Board Meeting Over Leftist Politics
This summer, I have struggled with the idea of returning to school, knowing that I’ll be working yet again with a school division that despite its shiny tech and flashy salary promotes political ideologies that do not square with who I am as a believer in Christ.

America’s Frontline Doctors attorney files lawsuit against U.S. government for 45,000 covid vaccine deaths
Ohio-based attorney Thomas Renz is suing the federal government for pushing “vaccines” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) that have reportedly caused at least 45,000 deaths so far.

Mandatory COVID Injections: What Can Be Done?
My email box is drowning from Americans facing termination if they do not get one of those experimental gene editing technology injections being passed off as vaccines. Even if that individual works remotely and doesn’t even go to an office.

Order Authorizes Natl Guard, Quarantines, Involuntary Commitment for ‘Certain Healthcare’ Operations
There is growing concern among Tennesseans after Gov. Bill Lee quietly issued an Executive Order on Friday giving the state permission to call up the National Guard and State Guard “in connection with certain health care and emergency services operations.”

Ryan Cole MD AFLDS PHYSICIAN A scientific clarification of what these injections do in the head and other organs of the vaccinated people

CDC contemplates Green Zones aka Concentration Camps
The CDC, yes the quasi governmental agency who in its spare time invokes eviction moratoriums on behalf of the Housing Administration, is planning for “Green Zones” aka concentration camps.

University Admits Harvesting Kidneys From Unborn Babies While Their Hearts are Still Beating
The University of Pittsburgh may have inadvertently provided more evidence this week that aborted babies may be being born alive and left to die so that their organs may be used for scientific research, according to the Center for Medical Progress.


Watch: Suspected Antifa agitators invade prayer event, launch unprovoked attack on worshipers BECAUSE THE CHURCH FAILED TO PROTECT THE UNBORN GOD HAS WITHDRAWN HIS BLESSING!!
An evangelical Christian group had gathered peacefully on Saturday afternoon at a downtown park near the Portland waterfront for a worship service, when dozens of armed antifa terrorists, carrying shields and dressed in black, showed up to put an end to it.

RED ALERT: Democrats want to drop people from Medicare and Medicaid unless they agree to be injected with the experimental, deadly vaccine
The latest threat is that people on Medicare and Medicaid could be cut off from coverage if they refuse to get jabbed as part of Donald Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” injection program, which was carried over by Biden following his inauguration.

Dr. Dan Stock Destroys the Entire CDC COVID Narrative at School Board Meeting Aug 7, 2021
On Friday, August 7th Dr. Dan Stock addressed the Mt. Vernon School Board in Indiana over the futility of mask mandates and Covid-19 protocols in most schools. In his presentation, he references a flash drive he gave the school board members to review with all of the scientific literature he referenced.

Oregon Governor signs new law allowing students to graduate without proving they can read, write, or do math
Governor Kate Brown dropped the requirement that students demonstrate they have achieved those essential skills by signing Senate Bill 744 into law. She declined again Friday to comment on why she supported suspending the proficiency requirements, reported OregonLive.

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Natural common plant found as antidote against spike protiens?
I got a few emails from several folks the past two days with groundbreaking news about dandelion tea and its extract being found to counter the effects of the spike proƟens, especially in pregnant women, where I spent a good bit of Ɵme digging and found this site below (link) that hosts a gal who, not only has a good knowledge of this dandelion news, but also has a lot of info on other natural items that are helping with this man‐made holocaust as well.

COVID-19 is the murder of old people
In the 1973 film, Soylent Green, a NY police detective discovers that the vastly overcrowded, poverty-stricken population of the city---who are being sustained on processed government food, called Soylent---are now unknowingly eating humans who have died. That's what Soylent Green is made of. That's the terrible secret. What's the secret now? It's all there in the open-source literature ...

Very interesting vaccination magnetic claims and related research
I decided to do a quick search to see if there has been any published research that would make what is claimed possible in the following videos. The attached files do indeed make me question if the engineered Covid spike protein crystal is causing the magnetic anomalies.

Here come the lockdowns and mask mandates again... covi...
The promise that vaccines would give you freedom was just a calculated lie. Now, even those who are vaccinated are being subjected to new lockdowns and mask mandates, all over the world.

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Dying Society

Chuck Baldwin, Dates that Destroyed America, 1865‐2016
Dr. Chuck Baldwin is an American poliƟcian and has been involved in at least 12 full‐length documentary films. He was the presidenƟal nominee of the ConsƟtuƟon Party for the 2008 U.S. presidenƟal elecƟon and had previously been its nominee for U.S. vice president in 2004. He is also a pastor of Liberty Fellowship in Kalispell, Montana.


Human beings were created in the image of God (Genesis 1:26, 27). We were created with the ability to think, reason, and act. And while liberty, the freedom to think and choose, is essential to being sentient, to being an image-bearer of our Creator, these abilities are not the most important elements of God’s image that we were created to possess. After all, Satan can think, reason, and act, yet he no longer reveals the image of God.

FORETOLD: They are eliminating people’s souls
In the future, the soul will be eliminated by medicine. On the pretense of health, there will be a vaccine whereby the human organism will be treated as soon as possible, possibly directly at birth, so that the human being cannot develop the awareness of the soul and the Spirit.

Gun Owners of America (GOA) and Gun Owners Foundation (GOF) beat Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety in court this Thursday.
The issue involved a Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinance (SASO) passed by the citizens of Columbia County, Oregon.

“Nothing in the ConsƟtuƟon Establishes a Right to AborƟon
3,300 babies are murdered every day during an abortion. Their beating heart which can be heard as early as 12-18 days, stops. Nearly 65 MILLION babies murdered since 9 men on the Supreme Court ruled Roe v Wade.

NC Gov. Cooper Announces Vaccine Passport Requirement
On Thursday, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper (a Democrat) announced that his state will be requiring vaccine passports for state employees.

CDC releases study showing 3/4 Delta cases are among the vaccinated, says masks are the answer
The CDC has released a study backing up its decision to recommend indoor masking for both vaccinated and unvaccinated Americans. The study examined one outbreak and found three-quarters of people testing positive were vaccinated.

Our network of 100 lawyers and 100 scientists have all the evidence that the pandemic is the worst crime against humanity ever committed.
Humanity's leading voices in the fields of science, healthcare, law and journalism are speaking out. Listen to these heroes of humanity, who risk everything to inform you about what is truly happening in the world today.

The Truth Revealed About the Deadly 1918 Spanish Flu: It Was Actually Bacterial Pneumonia
When the United States entered WWI in April 1917, the fledgling pharmaceutical industry had something they had never had before: a large supply of human test subjects. During the war years of 1918 to 1919, the U.S. Army ballooned to 6 million men, of which 2 million were sent overseas. The Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research took advantage of this new pool of human guinea pigs to conduct vaccine experiments.

Stupid is as Stupid Does
In the famous words of Forest Gump, “stupid is as stupid does” and these days, stupid seems much more common than common sense in the USA. Even Forest was smart enough to know it.

Stew Peters wi Ex-Pfizer Employee Karen Kingstone
The deeper you look, the deeper is the rabbit hole. Pray for the whistleblowers. Treaty of Peace - Right to Contract Established



Data on COVID Deaths in Children

23 Seniors Have Died in Norway After Receiving the Pfizer Experimental COVID mRNA Injection
“If you are very frail, you should probably not be vaccinated,” Steinar Madsen at the Norwegian Medicines Agency said at a webinar on corona vaccine for journalists on Thursday.

Department of Justice Declares COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates Legal
The Department of Justice concluded in an opinion that federal law doesn’t prohibit public agencies and private businesses from requiring COVID-19 vaccines under the Food and Drug Administration’s emergency use authorization.

Pfizer coronavirus vaccine warning: No breastfeeding or getting pregnant after being immunized… it might damage the child
Women who will receive Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine must not breastfeed or get pregnant for two months after immunization. A safety guide released by the British government said that children and pregnant or breast-feeding mothers should not be immunized using the vaccine. The guide also mentioned that any effects of the pharmaceutical firm’s vaccine candidate on fertility are “unknown.”

The proof is so easy to see as the media continues to push the lying, criminal narrative and doctors are being told to “SHUT UP” or lose their medical license. Sadly, it is too late to save the ignorant who have been vaccinated, those who say they want to travel and those who are just living in FEAR from listening to their corrupt living room News casters every night. It is so uncanny that the sheep getting these experimental shots cannot see in front of their eyes to what is happening. An estimated 2 Billion are slated to die over the next 2 years as Agenda 21 pushes on with great success. Source: Wil Paranormal

Is the ‘Delta Variant’ a Hoax? Or is it a Cover for COVID Vaccine-Related Deaths?
Medical authorities and the media are hyping the new Delta variant of COVID-19, and the World Health Organization is urging people to return to wearing masks and social distancing, even if they are fully vaccinated. In Israel, about half of the people who were diagnosed with the Delta variant were fully vaccinated. A recent British study showed that 59% of the people who were diagnosed with the Delta variant and died had received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. Critics believe that the Delta variant is a cover for vaccine-related deaths.Dr. Andrew Kaufman, MD, explained in a prior video that, when medical authorities fail to reproduce their experiments that identify the COVID-19 virus, known as SARS-CoV-2, they claim it is a variant or mutant, which cannot be proven to exist. -GEG

Firebrand Tennessee pastor declares he'll BAN churchgoers who wear masks and says he's 'sick' of hearing about 'this Delta variant nonsense'
A firebrand Tennessee pastor said he would ban churchgoers who insist on wearing masks, as he denied the existence of the Delta COVID variant and called COVID mandates 'Democrat games.'

Many people seem to have missed it, but the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) made a powerful admission this week that completely upends everything we have been told for the past several months about Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines.”

Graphic Content Warning: Crowd Gasps as Fed-Up Parents Read School's Pornographic Books Out Loud at Board Meeting
If there’s one good thing that came out of school closures, it’s that parents finally had a window into what their kids were being exposed to in the classroom — and many were horrified by what they saw.

After a mass shooting in 2018, the Santa Fe Independent School District in Texas decided to try facial recognition as an added layer of security.

Teacher Defends Showing Masturbation Videos to First-Graders
Last fall it was discovered that a teacher at Dalton School was showing cartoon videos on masturbation to first graders. After parents caught wind of what the teacher was showing their 5 and 6-year-olds, the teacher Justine Ang Fonte, resigned from the school.

Bombshell lawsuit alleges government covering up tens of thousands of injection-related deaths
Attorney Thomas Renz filed a lawsuit in federal court in Alabama on July 19 that alleges a massive government cover-up of injection-related U.S. deaths that number “at least 45,000.”


The Cowards Go First
There is nothing in this world that is more repugnant to Christianity than cowardice. In fact, it is so repulsive to Christ that it is considered worth of the death penalty.

The Masks Are Killing You! Reporter Thinks It’s Funny!

Australia, Sydney, Members Of The Public Are Being Told To Not Even Talk To Their Neighbours