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This video explains in simple-to-understand language the counterfeit but legalized money system, and how we as a nation have come to be in a financial stranglehold. 

The Swamp

Deborah Tavares recently guested for two nights, September 3-4, on the Call to Decision radio show. (The programs are in our radio show archive and we strongly urge everyone to listen to both nights because there is important information you need to hear)

One of the things she recommended is that the audience watch the video called “The Swamp” so that we might get an insider’s look as to how government laws and policies are actually made. Some have said that it is surprising to see what little effect our elected representatves actually have in the results we ultimatey live with. 

Here, for your education, is the video she recommends. 


Americans Have Lost No Rights

A Nation of Fools

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Christian Self Defense

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None Dare Call It Sin

Patriotic Idolatry

Who Will You Deny

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