Just One Answer

As usual folks its been awhile since my last blog.  For an “old” fellow I seem to stay pretty busy.  Which I truly enjoy most of the time.  But I did want to share a thought with y’all if you don’t mind.

I suppose that perhaps the younger generations won’t understand much about what I will be sharing, and sadly perhaps they will refuse to believe such a simple solution to such a huge problem.  I’m talking about how our society here in the “once” great nation called America had been intentionally and systematically destroyed.  Being a Bible believing preacher I have to refer to the word of God in which we ALL can find solutions to our problems, or at least answers as to why we have the things going on in our lives that we do.

There is no need to expound on the utter chaos that has overcame our country.  And, I have to tell you that its gonna get a hell of a lot worse.  Ps. 9:17 says so. I told you that not to frighten or discourage you but rather to exhort you to turn to the ‘One” who can help you understand what is happening, AND help you cope with it and get through it.

I was fortunate enough to be born in a time when American society still had a fairly strong moral base to build our families and lives on.  We still had somewhat of a “Christian” foundation and faith as the core beliefs of our culture and society.  We still taught the Bible in schools.  We still had prayer and Bible readings.  The ten commandments were still hung in the classrooms as the “rules” on how to conduct ourselves with others.  There were moral standards that we were expected conduct ourselves by, and live up to.  Shucks, we were so “backward” our beliefs and teachings that we sincerely thought there were only “two” sexes.  Gee, how ignorant huh? 

Seriously though, we were taught, and expected to dress like young “ladies and gentleman”.  Decency was taught AND expected.  No lewd or raunchy behavior was tolerated.  No cursing, swearing or profanity was accepted!!  Sex before marriage was still called “sin” and was not accepted as a “normal and tolerated” behavior.  Adultery was still taboo!!  Sexual perversion had not yet became politically correct and was NOT tolerated by decent person in society.

So what’s happened to our nation?  Why are there mass murders?  Why is fornication, adultery and sexual perversion now being accepted or at least tolerated by most people today? 

There truly is a VERY simple answer.  Are you ready for the answer?  Most won’t accept it, but here goes.  WE HAVE TAKEN GOD, HIS WORD AND COMMANDMENTS OUT OF OUR INSTITUTIONS!!  From the schools, to the courthouses, state houses, and yes, even many so called churches today. 

Told you that most won’t receive this simple answer and solution.  We are told that a nation that hates God [His word] loves death, and will be turned over to reprobate minds, and eventually insanity!! America as a whole is now completely intoxicated with her many means of perversion and evil doings.  The answer always WAS and still IS the teaching of and obedience to God’s word!!  IF His word was still the standard of our personal, family, church and civil government we would once again be able dwell in peace and unity.  For those that refuse to obey His moral laws that parents and the church should teach, and the civil government enforce then swift and severe punishment would deter the rapid spread of evildoers.  Ecc. 8:11. There you go.