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This 1 oz. jar. Is packed full of everything you’ll need to help balance your mood so that your Valentines Day can be free from tension and irritability and full of joy and love!  The Ladies Hormone Helper is highly effective, all natural & made from wild yam.  NOTHING works as good as this little blessing in a jar!  What makes this so special?  Well, it combats fat build-up & redistribution of fat stores, helps you feel happier & acts as a natural antidepressant, boosts energy, soothes moods & helps maintain a better night’s sleep.  This cream also lightens periods by counteracting estrogen’s stimulating effects and helps clear skin (yes…even in teenagers!) & nourishes hair & reduces male hormones!  Finally, it acts as a natural “water pill”, helps relieve migraines & helps with PMS.  This Valentines Day there will be no excuses!  Feel love, feel good and feel energized with the Ladies Hormone Helper (good for teenagers, adults and the elderly)!  Some men who suffer from too much estrogen, benefit well from the Ladies Hormone Helper.



We didn’t forget about you fellas out there!  The Superior Ashwagandha Root Extract is sure to help you build up your natural levels of testosterone while helping to increase muscle mass and strength to carry your lady over the threshold.  We know that carrying the weight of the world can impact your stress levels which in turn, can irritate your significant other.  Let’s do our part in reducing the stress of the day by starting each morning with a dropper full of Superior Ashwagandha Root Extract in water.  As a recap, Ashwagandha Root has shown to reduce anxiety and stress, helps to keep you in a deeper state of sleep, helps fight depression, boost fertility and testosterone, boosts brain function, helps decrease the symptoms of dementia, increases energy levels & increases muscle strength.  By the way…Ashwagandha Root Extract is fantastic for women to take too-talk about a NATURAL ENERGY BOOSTER!

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