Words Of Wisdom And Instruction From God’s Word Series is a collection of articles written out of love toward the edification of the Body of Christ. These articles provide answers to the questions of life with which we all struggle and provides those answers with  precise, concise and understandable language. 

Covering various topics, these articles come from the heart and mind of Pastor Butch Paugh as he studies his Bible prayerfully as part of his calling to be a servant of Jesus Christ. Subjects such as truth, sin, duty, war and liberty are some of the topics this volume covers. In an effort to reach more people with this truth from God’s Word we present to you; Words Of Wisdom And Instruction From God’s Word: Volume I

Just Released! Volume 2

If you enjoyed and were blessed by Pastor Butch’s Vol. 1 of “Words Of Wisdom And Instruction From God’s Word,” you will undoubtedly appreciate Vol. 2. Just as before Pastor Butch brings forth clearly explained and understood principles of Christian living. Especially for the days, we live in now. The goal of the Pastor’s writings is to aid folks in their understanding of  a Christian’s responsibilities and duties are within the complicated and challenging times in which we live. Once we can understand the truth of God’s word for ALL issues of life, and accept the fact that His word and instructions on how to conduct our personal lives, family lives and societal guidelines the answers that seem to be so difficult to find become quite simple to figure out. Unfortunately, in American culture today, most of God’s teachings and commands on how to govern ourselves and our nation are not readily accepted, and many times violently rejected along with the people who present them. It is Pastor Butch’s sincere desire that his writings will encourage you and give you a greater zeal to continue in the battle for righteousness for God’s glory, and so that lost souls will come to know and understand the “saving grace” offered through Jesus Christ.

Here's what people are saying about the book:

"A very wise man once asked the question, “If you were wrong about something, would you want to know it?” Such a question has a way of penetrating deep. There are some things one can be wrong about, but the perspective of the Creator God concerning His requirements is not one of them.

Pastor Paugh has written an excellent treatise explaining the true nature of idolatry and the root cause of the moral and political downfall in America – the church. Humanism is essentially a projection of self upon God as man would like God to be. Like Israel of old, America’s pulpits are filled with spineless preachers that love the praises of men more than the honor of God. This root problem has grown into a political tree that can only produce the fruit of the human heart, damned by Him who will “judge the world in righteousness by that man whom he hath ordained.

The only ones who will benefit from this book will be those that have enough humility to consider the question, “If you were wrong about something, would you want to know it?” The compelling language of Scripture provides rigid accuracy, when it comes to matters where error in perspective could cost a person their eternal soul.

To this end, this treatise is written. Pastor Butch Paugh’s book Words of Wisdom and Instruction From God’s Word, should be the prized possession of every pastor and in the library of every true child of God. "
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Dwight M. Creech, A.B. Psych., A.B. Phil., M.A. Ed.
Principal, Calvary Christian School, Southern Pines, NC 28387
“Pistol packin' Pastor Butch Paugh of West Virginia is fed up with wimpy CINOs (Christian In Name Only) cherry-picking the scriptures of their choice and has written a blockbuster book every church-goer should read.

Words of Wisdom and Instruction From God’s Word emphatically points out our daily failure to use biblical guidance when we embrace the sins and sinners of the world through "tolerance." To the wise man's adage of "What we tolerate today, we will embrace tomorrow," Butch has added ". . .and it will eventually become politically correct and legally protected."

We are watching that happen in several venues today. With the satanic control of today's society through television, movies, books, schools and the 501 [C](3) churches, Pastor Paugh portrays the dregs to which we have devolved, all the while citing America's only hope -- the applicable scriptures -- on every page. Words of Wisdom and Instruction From God’s Word is a handbook for your teenagers as well as your grandparents. Keep it handy for daily absorption."
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Pat Shannan, Editorr