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Saturday September 21

Current Events begins at 11:30 AM Eastern and run until 12:30 PM..   Bible Study begins at 1:00 PM and runs until 2:00 PM Eastern.. We also have a live, call-in phone line during the broadcast so you can ask questions or just say “howdy”.

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Continue your studies with a guide to challenges facing today's Christians

Pastor Butch explores the Biblical truths on issues, topics, and questions that are mostly overlooked by today’s churches, or at best, scarcely touched. He endeavors to get to the core of relevant and pertinent questions for which many people, and especially Christians, are seeking answers in this often confusing era. The book contains straightforward and easily understood teachings that lay a foundation from God’s word on topics such as truth, sin, duty, war, and liberty. You can get the book from Amazon by clicking on the image at right. 

This is a TWO VOLUME SET and the most recent volume was just released. To learn more go to our Books by Butch page. 

Be sure to check out our YouTube channel which is loaded with Bible studies on many subjects by clicking here.

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