An Assault on Freedom

 Please know that I don’t want to wear you all out with too many blogs and I suppose I really am a man with an opinion on many issues.  But sincerely my biggest desire is to base whatever I say on as much truth as I know on the issue we are discussing.  Everyone probably has an opinion on just about anything that matters to them.  But we HAVE to face the facts, our opinions and a $1.50 will buy you a cup of coffee about anywhere.  In other words, unless we have facts, evidence and truth to base them on, they are basically just wind.

As I am sure that all who take the time to read this short blog are very aware of the so called “mass shootings” that are taking place on a more and more frequent basis.  In the last blog we covered the reason why our society is crumbling and how it could be saved, but this is not the topic today

After every shooting the news media and the socialist politicians scream for GUN CONTROL!!  No matter the MOUNDS of evidence from all over the world that ABSOLUTELY proves that gun control does NOT work, and is usually implemented by a government that wants to make “subjects” out of the people of that nation.  If you don’t believe me, AND you TRULY want the truth, do your own research on what has happened to untold millions of people who surrendered their means of defense for a promise of “so called” security. 

It is, and will be no different for America.  If you believe gun control is the answer just simply move to NYC or Chicago to name a couple of places where “legal” gun ownership is almost non existent!!  Isn’t it strange how those two cities and others just like them are the worst in gun violence and murder?  While cities and states who make it easy for law abiding citizens to obtain a means of defense have the lowest level of violence and murder?

I am very blessed and pleased to live in the state of West Virginia where buying, selling and carrying a gun is still a “right” that is pretty much unhindered.  No permits needed to carry opening or concealed.  I do both myself.  Depending on where I may be.  To be totally candid, I feel naked if I am out in public unarmed.  And yes, I do carry to church, and I strongly encourage the folks that attend our little fellowship to do the same. As a matter of fact you can go to YouTube and find a teaching I did titled “God’s People, His Militia”. (it is also located on this website at the bottom of this page)  It is NOT a right to carry a weapon!!  Biblically it is a COMMAND.  Check out the teaching for yourself. 

Now to the final point.  It certainly is VERY obvious to all who actually “think and reason” on issues, and don’t react with their emotions that yes, these shootings are getting to be much more frequent.  For those  that can reason and think their way out of a paper sack, it’s easy to see that these are  “planned” and “caused” events for the soul purpose of disarming the people.  No matter how the powers-that-be train, manipulate or cause these events, they are working just like they want.  I thinks that it’s very suspicious, to say the least, that almost all of the perpetrators were taking some kind of mind altering drug.

In closing we all have heard it said that no “common” citizen needs an “assault weapon”.  What an unlearned and ignorant statement!!  A knife, baseball bat, rock or anything else can become an assault weapon!!  Its also been said that no one needs an extra capacity magazine to deer hunt with!!  Please show me in the second amendment where it mentions anything about hunting.  The second amendment was written to restrict the government from “infringing” on our right [duty] to keep and bear arms!!

Enough said.  For those who scoff at this blog, all I can say is if you live long enough you will see that I have hit the nail right on the head.  Its our children and grandchildren who will pay for what we have allowed and tolerated in this nation that has caused it to decay from the inside out just as all great societies in the past.