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This 2 oz. jar. Is packed full of everything you’ll need to help balance your hormones, boost your innate immune system exponentially, strengthen major organs and glands such as the prostate, bladder, kidneys and more.  Our American Indian Tea and Tea Tincture also has the ability to kill cancer cells/masses due to the polysaccharide activity!  For a maintenance, take 4 full eye droppers daily in water.  For a serious health concern, like an enlarged prostate, kidney disfunction, bladder infections, cancer and more, most people take 8 full droppers daily in water. 



Ginger root extract has been studied by the Chinese and the British and many articles in their medicine journals have been written about how ginger root has the ability to create apoptosis in cancer cells (death to cells). There's a recent study that reports that oral consumption of ginger root extract, significantly inhibits prostate tumor progression which is phenomenal news for those with an enlarge prostate or prostate cancer. Ginger also contains vitamins A, C and E, beta-carotene and zinc, all strong antioxidants and these help protect the prostate from harmful free radicals which is great because free radicals speed up tissue aging and cancer development! And did you know that ginger increases serotonin and dopamine levels? Ginger could also provide benefits for anxiety, depression, dementia, Alzheimer's disease, PTSD and ease stomach pains. states in a recent article that, "Ginger compound 4-shogaol has been found to inhibit the migration and invasion of triple negative breast cancer cells. 6-shogaol has been shown to induce ER+/PR+ and triple negative breast cancer cell death and inhibit the formation of breast cancer stem cell-like spheroids."  Ginger is also great as a preventative for many health issues. 




One of the best herbs to help with kidney and bladder dysfunction is Stinging Nettle!  We love how it encourages the kidneys to flush out the bladder and help quickly remove the toxins that back up into the kidneys when there are bladder issues like UTI's or an enlarged prostate, IC problems and more.  Stinging Nettle acts like a diarrhetic by quickly removing excess water retention, helps with arthritis, gout and anemia.  






Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center states, "Curcumin may inhibit bladder cancer progression by downregulating the expression of beta-catenin, high levels of which are associated with several cancers." Many studies have also been able to show that Turmeric Root has the ability to stop the formation of prostate cancer cells and shrink a tumor! And in many situations, Turmeric Root will inhibit breast cancer cell proliferation. Others simply use it for arthritis as it's an anti-inflammatory, they use it for liver disease, allergies, digestive disorders and more. 


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