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June 13, 2024


 To: Hal Lawton

        27444 Valley Center Road

        Valley Center, CA 92082


Mr. Lawton,

First I will introduce myself.  I am Pastor Butch Paugh with Call to Decision Ministries.  I have been blessed to do a worldwide radio broadcast for over thirty one years.  I must tell you Sir, that millions of people just like me are totally committed to stop the spread of moral decadence!  I will keep this letter as brief as possible and to the point.


Sir, I am very surprised and disappointed with what you have done to a store that my wife and I both enjoyed patronizing.  Your store, Mr. Lawton, was an enjoyable place to purchase items we use personally and to maintain our property.  We always considered it a “family” friendly place with a wholesome atmosphere for folks of all ages.  BUT now you have transformed Tractor Supply into a very “dangerous” place to bring a family.


Mr. Lawton, why would you even consider placing items in any Tractor Supply facility that promote the decadence and immorality of the LGBTQP+ mob?  To be very blunt Sir, you are aiding in the destruction of the “natural”, God ordained family structure. Romans chapter one explains this very clearly.  But I feel certain God’s Word means very little to you.


As for me and my house, we will never shop at Tractor Supply again even if we have to go much further and pay more to purchase our needs.  This letter, Mr. Lawson, is going to be posted nationwide in as many locations as possible.  You have insulted the people who have patronized your business and made you a very successful entrepreneur.  We are angry!


Remember Sir, payday is coming!




In Chris’s service,



Pastor Butch Paugh