Who Does “Political Polarization” Really Harm

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Hi Pastor Paugh,


1) Last week some of the leading female voices in this movement got together to bring you their perspective on the COVID 19 scandemic. It was so great I had to share it again with you here. See below for link.


2) We have a NEW article by investigative journalist Greg Glasser, Who Does “Political Polarization” Really Harm? This article is very timely and warrants your attention today. See below for details.

Feminine Voices Speaking Out

This was such a fantastic session with some of the leading female voices of our movement that I had to share it with you. If you have not heard from us together before, you are in for a treat. Join me, Dr. Tenpenny along with Tara Thornton, Reinette Senum, Dr. Christiane Northrup and Imani Mamalution as we dive into the scamdemic.

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Who Does “Political Polarization” Really Harm?

"As a lawyer who vigilantly tracks vaccine legislation across the country, I can confirm that Democrats push vaccine mandates as their official policy, while Republicans stand with independents and respect health freedom as their official policy.

For example, look at the votes on mandatory childhood vaccines in California (SB277) where 92% of Democrats voted for vaccine mandates while 86% of Republicans opposed vaccine mandates...


This same voting pattern has been repeated in every State, every single time, without exception. See examples here and here. Political affiliation is literally the single deciding factor today for whether Americans will be forcibly vaccinated.


BigPharma calls this voting pattern “political polarization” and they hate it because it means that as a voting block, conservatives are increasingly aware of vaccine dangers. Indeed, when you google ‘political polarization and vaccines’ you can see plainly that BigPharma and the MSM can see that vaccine mandates are becoming “politically polarized.” For example, Neal Goldstein of Drexel University’s public health school suggests...




Module 1:


The process of taking vaccines from concept to distribution can take many years. The initial research often begins in at the NIH, with your tax dollars. 

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Module 2:


Vaccination laws have been in place since 1905, with the passage of Jacobson vs Massachusetts, when the US government ruled that the good of all public health supersedes the right of the individual.

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Module 3:


The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act was passed into law in 1986 as a social contract between government and parents. It was touted as “justice for children.” Was it?

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Module 4:

Vaccine Politics

Fears over the possibility of bio-terrorism attacks with smallpox and even anthrax, funneling billions of tax dollars into the manufacture, distribution and plans for mass vaccination programs. Is this threat still relevant today? Are those dollars still in place today?

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We are told that the vaccine is safe and will protect each of us from contracting the flu. But is this really true? How effective is the influenza vaccine across all age groups, from infants to the elderly?

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Who Does “Political Polarization” Really Harm